Our PureBallet Signature classes are your introduction to ballet technique and all the benefits that come with it, catering for all levels of experience. For 75 minutes you will be guided through the carefully developed PureBallet programme, helping you learn the basics in ballet and experience the joy of dancing. Our classes start with a warm up at the barre focussing on different areas of the body, followed by work in the centre which will test your core strength and balance resulting in a complete body workout!


Our PureBallet Core classes are a strengthening program fusing pilates and barre style exercises to gain the ultimate core stability that ballet dancers are renowned for. Targeting the core muscles leads to a flatter stomach and a leaner waist, not only that but gainng strength in the deep stomach muscles is key to preventing injury and easing lower back pain. The exercises are adaptable as such that the class is challenging but achievable for your own level of fitness. The Pureballet Core class will compliment the work you do in our Signature classes, enabling you to jump higher, balance longer and développé higher.

Private lessons also available and are a great way to establish the basic technique quickly.


To book email info@pureballet.co.uk



Any comfortable clothes or active wear and some soft ballet shoes if you have them, if not socks are fine.